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Are you still upset about how to pass Symantec certification 250-428 exam? Are you still waiting for the latest information about Symantec certification 250-428 exam? Certpark has come up with the latest Symantec SCS 250-428 exam sample questions. Do you want to pass Symantec certification 250-428 exam easily? Please add Certpark Symantec SCS 250-428 exam sample questions to your cart now! Share some Symantec SCS 250-428 exam questions and answers below.Which two options are supported Symantec End point Manager authentication types? (Select two.) A. Microsoft Active Directory B. MS-CHAP C. RSA SecurID D. Biometrics E. Network Access Control Answer: A, C

Which setting can an administrator configure in the LiveUpdate Policy? A. specific content revision to download from a Group Update Provider (GUP) B. specific content policies to download C. Linux Settings D. frequency to download content Answer: D

Which Symantec End point Protection defense mechanism provides protection against threats that propagate from system to system through the use of autotun.inf files? A. Host Integrity B. SONAR C. Application and Device Control D. Emulator Answer: C

Which two considerations must an administrator make when enabling Application Learning in an environment? (Select two.) A. Application Learning can generate increased false positives. B. Application Learning should be deployed on a small group of systems in the enterprise. C. Application Learning can generate significant CPU or memory use on a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. D. Application Learning requires a file fingerprint list to be created in advance. E. Application Learning is dependent on Insight. Answer: B, C

After several failed logon attempts, the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SFPM) has locked the default admin account. An administrator needs to make system changes as soon as possible to address an outbreak, but the admin account is the only account.Which action should the administrator lake to correct the problem with minimal impact to the existing environment? A. Wait 15 minutes and attempt to log on again B. Restore the SEPM from a backup C. Run the Management Server and Configuration Wizard to reconfigure the server D. Reinstall the SEPM Answer: A

In which two areas can host groups be used? (Select two.) A. Locations B. Download Insight C. IPS D. Application and Device Control E. Firewall Answer: CE

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