Juniper certification JN0-420 exam questions

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Which command is used to execute an Ansible playbook? A. ansible-vault B. ansible C. ansible-galaxy D. ansible-playbook Answer: D

Which two automation frameworks are agentless when managing Junos devices? A. Chef B. Ansible C. Puppet D. SaltStack Answer: BD

What is a purpose of RubyEZ? A. to provide a Ruby interface to Juniper devices that support Puppet B. to provide an off device interface to Ruby C. to provide a Ruby interface to the Junos Space management product D. to provide a Ruby framework for interfacing with Juniper devices Answer: C

What is the purpose of an file ? A. file sets all magic attributes with the _init_prefix with the appropriate default values. B. file initializes a Python application with default values for instantiated objects. C. file contains strings for additional directories that the Python interpreter adds to sys.path []. D. file indicates to the Python interpreter that a directory contains Python packages or modules. Answer: B

Which transport protocol must be supported by RFC-compliant NETCONF implementations? A. SSH B. Telnet C. TLS D. BEEP Answer: A

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