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An administrator has decreased all the TCP session timers to optimize the FortiGate memory usage. However, after the changes, one network application started to have problems. During the troubleshooting, the administrator noticed that the FortiGate deletes the sessions after the clients send the SYN packets, and before the arrival of the SYN/ACKs. When the SYN/ACK packets arrive to the FortiGate, the unit has already deleted the respective sessions. Which TCP session timer must be increased to fix this problem? A. TCP half open. B. TCP half close. C. TCP time wait. D. TCP session time to live. Answer: A

An administrator is running the following sniffer in a FortiGate:diagnose sniffer packet any “host” 2 What information is included in the output of the sniffer? (Choose two.) A. Ethernet headers. B. IP payload. C. IP headers. D. Port names. Answer: B,C

Which of the following statements are true regarding the SIP session helper and the SIP application layer gateway (ALG)? (Choose three.) A. SIP session helper runs in the kernel; SIP ALG runs as a user space process. B. SIP ALG supports SIP HA failover; SIP helper does not. C. SIP ALG supports SIP over IPv6; SIP helper does not. D. SIP ALG can create expected sessions for media traffic; SIP helper does not. E. SIP helper supports SIP over TCP and UDP; SIP ALG supports only SIP over UDP. Answer: B,C,D

Which real time debug should an administrator enable to troubleshoot RADIUS authentication problems? A. Diagnose debug application radius -1. B. Diagnose debug application fnbamd -1. C. Diagnose authd console –log enable. D. Diagnose radius console –log enable. Answer: A

The logs in a FSSO collector agent (CA) are showing the following error: failed to connect to registry: PIKA1026 ( What can be the reason for this error? A. The CA cannot resolve the name of the workstation. B. The FortiGate cannot resolve the name of the workstation. C. The remote registry service is not running in the workstation D. The CA cannot reach the FortiGate with the IP address Answer: C

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