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Certpark expert team use their experience and knowledge to study the examinations of past years and finally have developed the best EMC E20-555 real questions. Our EMC E20-555 real questions are very popular among customers and this is the result of Certpark expert team industrious labor. The EMC E20-555 real questions of their research have a high quality and have 95% similarity with the true examination questions. 
Share some EMC Certification E20-555 exam questions and answers below.
How many layers are in the Isilon clustering architecture?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 6

D. 8

Answer: B

Which Isilon OneFS administration methods are enforced by RBAC?

A. Platform API, command line, and web administration interface

B. Command line, InsightIQ, and web administration interface

C. SNMP and web administration interface

D. Command line, web administration interface, and SNMP

Answer: A

Your customer is moving from a Restaurant/Bar business model to a Restaurant/Casino business model. You are helping architect the upgrade of a current 4-node X200 48 TB Isilon cluster, with 50% utilized for their video surveillance operations. They want to upgrade from 15 FPS (NTSC) in H. 264 codec, with a 15 days retention policy to 30 FPS (NTSC) in H. 264 codec with a 30 days retention policy.

Which storage capacity would be the best suited to meet the required changes and utilize 65-75% capacity?

A. 110 TB

B. 80TB

C. 140TB

D. 50TB

Answer: A

An Isilon customer wants a job to periodically validates the checksum of every block in the file system.

What should be recommended to the customer?

A. IntegrityScan

B. MediaScan

C. Dynamic Sector Repair

D. Isilon Data Integrity

Answer: A

An Isilon customer expressed an interest in more effectively managing their storage. Specifically, they would like to plan for future growth.

Which tool would allow the customer to forecast capacity requirements?

A. InsightIQ

B. Isilon SNMP MIB

C. SyncIQ

D. SmartPools

Answer: C

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