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Share some Technology Foundations e20-593 exam questions and answers below.
An EMC NetWorker administrator configures an advanced file type device, setting the device target sessions to two, and max sessions to four.

How is data written to the advanced file type device?

A. Each save set is written to a separate file.

B. Each file written by the storage node contains up to four save sets.

C. Four backup jobs will be multiplexed for every two files written to the device.

D. Two save sets will be stored in each file.

Answer: A

A customer is running an EMC NetWorker 7.6 server on a UNIX platform and wants to monitor backup operations from the command line.

Which utility can be used?

A. nsrinfo

B. nsrmmd

C. nsrjb

D. nsrwatch

Answer: D

What is the recommended media type for the device that stores the metadata in the form of hash IDs for EMC NetWorker deduplication backups?

A. adv_file

B. file

C. Tape

D. Atmos COS

Answer: A

What is the backup command specified in the EMC NetWorker client resource for EMC Centera backups?

A. nsrndmp_save

B. savepnpc

C. nsrdasv

D. nsrsnap_vss_save.exe

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

An EMC NetWorker customer has two data zones, A and B, with autochanger AC1 and AC2, respectively, with four drives each. AC1 is configured as a dedicated autochanger and AC2 is configured as a shared autochanger. Two drives of AC2 are statically assigned.

How many drives of AC2 can be shared in Zone A?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 0

D. 6

Answer: C

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