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Share some EMCCIS E10-002 exam questions and answers below.
What is a function of the control layer of a cloud infrastructure?

A. Configuring resource pools

B. Pooling resources

C. Communicating across computer systems

D. Providing workflows for executing tasks

Answer: A

Which statement describes cloud service arbitrage?

A. A cloud broker combines a variable number of cloud services into one or more services.

B. A cloud broker enhances a given service by improving some specific capability.

C. A cloud broker combines a fixed number of cloud services into one or more services.

D. A cloud broker provides value-added services to cloud consumers.

Answer: A

An organization plans to migrate an application that has loosely coupled components. Which migration strategy is suitable for such an application?

A. Hybrid

B. Forklift

C. Functional

D. Compatible

Answer: A

What provides an on-demand self-service capability to consumers, allowing them to unilaterally provision cloud resources?

A. Web-based cloud portal

B. Specialized connectors

C. SOAP and REST web services

D. Service orchestration

Answer: A

Which layer of a cloud infrastructure includes tools that optimize resource utilization?

A. Virtual layer

B. Physical layer

C. Orchestration layer

D. Service layer

Answer: A

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