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Through continuous development and growth of the IT industry in the past few years, E20-020 exam has become a milestone in the EMC exam, it can help you to become a IT professional. There are hundreds of online resources to provide the EMC E20-020 questions. Why do most people to choose Certpark? Because Certpark has a huge IT elite team, In order to ensure you accessibility through the EMC E20-020 certification exam??hey focus on the study EMC E20-020 real questions. 

Share some Cloud Architect E20-020 exam questions and answers below.
What are key benefits of ITaaS compared to traditional IT processes?

A. Tiered services, integrated inventory management, and SLA-driven profit model

B. Service catalog, SLA-driven management, and chargeback

C. Strong policies, DevOps, and software licensing

D. Ticket-based service model, cost, and chargeback

Answer: B

A cloud architect discovers that an organization wants to deploy 500 consumer applications initially and grow to over 2000 consumer applications in three years. These applications will use block storage only. How does the information impact the cloud management platform infrastructure sizing?

A. Influences proxy server data storage requirements

B. Influences CDN data storage requirements

C. Influences federation server data storage requirements

D. Influences monitoring server storage requirements

Answer: C

Which infrastructure does VCE Vblock represent?

A. Brownfield

B. Traditional

C. Hyper-converged

D. Converged

Answer: D

A cloud architect is evaluating an organization’s need to support thousands of virtual machine instances and some form of encryption. Which encryption type should be selected and why?

A. Storage array encryption to provide centralized management

B. Full file systems encryption to simplify key management

C. Network-based encryption to increase security at the cost of server overhead

D. Self-encrypting storage devices to increase security at the cost of increased overhead

Answer: B

What is an advantage of using a brownfield infrastructure?

A. Avoids upgrades to existing infrastructures

B. Promotes staff familiarity with technology

C. Enables migration to new technologies

D. Avoids older and less efficient processes

Answer: B

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