Valid EMC E05-001 exam questions

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Share some Cloud Architect E05-001 exam questions and answers below.
Which data center management process involves collating and presenting the utilization of resources?

A. Reporting

B. Provisioning

C. Planning

D. Maintenance

Answer: A

Which data center characteristic ensures that adequate resources are provided to efficiently store and process data?

A. Capacity

B. Availability

C. Scalability

D. Performance

Answer: A

Which type of digital data has no defined format but has a self-describing structure that enables its analysis?

A. Semi-structured data

B. Structured data

C. Metadata

D. Quasi-structured data

Answer: A

Which benefit does the measured service characteristic provide to a cloud service provider?

A. Enables control and optimization of resource use

B. Enables cloud services to communicate with each other

C. Enables availability of specific resources depending on policy

D. Enables the reduction and/or elimination of upfront IT expenditure

Answer: A

What is a function of the orchestration layer in a data center infrastructure?

A. Provides workflows for automated execution of management tasks

B. Aggregates physical infrastructure components into resource pools

C. Measures the consumption of IT resources by various services

D. Decouples an operating environment from the underlying hardware

Answer: A

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