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Share some Implementation Engineer (EMCIE) E20-307 exam questions and answers below.
What is the function of FAST hinting on a VMAX3 array?

A. Sends hints to the array for low access data to be compressed

B. Provides suggestions for manual movement of data to other tiers

C. Provides suggestions for data migration activities to be performed on stale data

D. Sends hints to the array for data that is likely to be accessed in a given period of time

Answer: D

Which Unisphere for VMAX feature helps determine the available capacity on a VMAX3 array that can be configured with a specified Service Level and Workload Type?

A. Headroom

B. FAST Array Advisor

C. Suitability Check

D. Performance Plan

Answer: C

An application is using four VMAX3 devices. A TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot of the Storage Group containing these devices is created at 10:00 AM. The storage administrator adds another device to this Storage Group at 2:00 PM. A restore operation is performed at 3:00 PM using the snapshot.What will be the status of the newly added device after the restore operation?

A. Not Ready

B. Failed

C. Read/Write enabled

D. Write disabled

Answer: A

What is the basis for the allocation of new extends from a Storage Resource Pool (SRP) in a VMAX3 array?

A. Data Pool RAID types and SRP capacity

B. Data Pool Ranking and Service Level

C. Data Pool RAID types and default Service Level

D. Data Pool Ranking and SRP capacity

Answer: B

Which type of emulation is used for thin devices provisioned to an eNAS Storage Group in VMAX3?





Answer: C

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