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Share some EMC Certification E20-555 exam questions and answers below.
You are helping a customer create a cost-effective Isilon solution. The customer environment includes high IOPS-intensive, random access file-based applications.

Which Isilon storage node type will meet the customer’s needs?

A. S-Series

B. NL-Series

C. X-Series

D. Performance Accelerator

Answer: A

A hospital is considering using Isilon to store their archived medical images and Genomic Sequencing data. They currently have 56 TB of PACS images and 24 TB of genomic data, and expect to double their capacity requirements this year. They will replicate to a DR cluster, and plan to use N+2 protection. The production workload needs to be run at either site.

Which minimum cluster configuration, at each site, including software, would meet this customer’s environment?

A. Five X400 (2 TB drives) nodes with SyncIQ.

B. Four NL400 (3 TB drives) nodes with SyncIQ.

C. Seven X200 (3 TB drives) nodes with SyncIQ and SnapshotIQ

D. Five X400 (2 TB drives) nodes with SnapshotIQ.

Answer: A

Your customer has a new business unit. They are gathering web log files to be analyzed. They are using Hadoop to do the analysis of the logs. The IT department is centrally storing the log files on a 5-node Isilon cluster. They have enabled the Hadoop cluster to access the files directly on the Isilon storage. The nodes are X400’s with two SSD drives in each node and 96GB of RAM.

How many DataNodes does the Isilon cluster have?

A. Five

B. One

C. Three

D. Two

Answer: A

A customer has an Isilon cluster that they want to simplify a Hadoop workflow. The workflow analyzes large amounts of log data written to storage using FTP and results are viewed by Microsoft Windows clients?

How can this be achieved?

A. FTP, SMB, and HDFS NameNode and DataNode protocol support on the same file system to enable each workflow step to access data from the same location avoiding data migration.

B. SyncIQ to migrate the log data between an Isilon cluster and another Hadoop cluster, to retrieve results from the Hadoop cluster, and to store them in an SMB share.

C. SmartConnect to direct clients to an external Hadoop NameNode and to SMB shares so data ingest, analytics, and results phases are transparently directed.

D. FTP and SMB protocol support to provide log ingest and Windows clients; SmartPools will stub to HDFS helping to reduce the frequency of external data migration.

Answer: A

A customer wants an N+3 protection level on their cluster.

What is the minimum number of nodes they need to achieve that level of protection?

A. 3

B. 6

C. 7

D. 8

Answer: C

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