Valid E20-020 Cloud Architect real questions

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Share some Cloud Architect E20-020 exam questions and answers below.
You are designing consumer compute resources in an onsite private cloud. During an assessment, you discover that the organization’s IT staff wants secure access to the underlying host OS. What should be included in the design to support this requirement?

A. Host IDS configurationSecure key infrastructure Bridged management network

B. Perimeter firewall configuration VPN encryption Separate management network

C. Host OS firewall configuration Central logging Physically isolated management network

D. Host OS firewall configuration Secure key infrastructure Separate management network

Answer: B

Which networking technology is required for application HA in contrast to host HA or operating system HA?

A. Multipath routing

B. Shared storage

C. Load balancing


Answer: B

A cloud architect is evaluating an organization’s need for encryption. Which type of encryption eliminates the requirement for key management?

A. Embedded

B. File-based

C. File system-based

D. Virtual disk

Answer: D

An organization has internal applications that require block, file, and object storage. They anticipate the need for multi-PB storage within the next 18 months. In addition, they would prefer to use commodity hardware as well as open source technologies. Which solution should be recommended?

A. Cinder

B. Hadoop

C. Swift

D. Ceph

Answer: C

A cloud architect is evaluating an organization’s need to support thousands of virtual machine instances and some form of encryption. Which encryption type should be selected and why?

A. Storage array encryption to provide centralized management

B. Full file systems encryption to simplify key management

C. Network-based encryption to increase security at the cost of server overhead

D. Self-encrypting storage devices to increase security at the cost of increased overhead

Answer: B

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