Valid E20-393 Implementation Engineer (EMCIE) exam dumps

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Share some Implementation Engineer E20-393 exam questions and answers below.
A system administrator has installed the Units’ Connection Unity on a Microsoft Windows host The Windows host is connected to the same physical subnet as a newly installed Unity storage system When the utility is run, it does notdiscover any Unity storage systems. What should be checked on the host that may be preventing the utility from discovering any Unity storage systems’?

A. Java SE version

B. Ethernet adapter flow control

C. Network Access Filter Driver

D. Hostfirewall services

Answer: B

A system administrator is browsing their local management station for a Unity license file. Which file extension is used for Unity license files?

A. .lic

B. .rsa

C. .ulf

D. .cer

Answer: C

When the LUN Snapshot Attach to Host operation is performed, what does theUnity system optionally do before beginning the attach process?

A. Creates a snapshot of the LUN

B. Detaches the host from the snapshots of any other LUN

C. Creates a copy of the snapshot

D. Deletes all other existing snapshots of the LUN

Answer: C

How is encryption set for a Unity storage system?

A. Clicking the “Mode” checkbox on the Manage Encryption page

B. Selecting “Status’ on the Manage Encryption page

C. Automatically set at the factory

D. First time the license is applied

Answer: D

How long will a Copy Back operationlake when a hot spare is invoked?

A. pro-Active hot spare does not use a Copy Back operation

B. Copy Back time depends on the RAID type

C. Copy Back time depends on the disk capacity

D. Copy Back time depends on the disk type

Answer: B

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