2018 Updated CCNA Routing and Switching 210-065 exam dumps

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In the information era, IT industry is catching more and more attention. In the society which has a galaxy of talents, there is still lack of IT talents. Many companies need IT talents, and generally, they investigate IT talents’s ability in according to what IT related authentication certificate they have. So having some CCNA Routing and Switching 210-065 exam dumps are welcomed by many companies. But these authentication certificate are not very easy to get. 
Study newest CCNA Collaboration 210-065 exam questions and answers below.
Which four features are supported by Cisco TelePresence Server for all hardware models in remotely managed mode? (Choose four.)

A. auto-attendant

B. ClearPath

C. Cluster sizes of more than 5 servers

D. Cascading

E. Active presence for all devices

F. Support for Conductor

G. Native scheduling capabilities

Answer: B, D, E, F

Video conference bridges accomplish their conferencing functionality by doing media transcoding or media switching. What are the three main advantages of media switching? (Choose three.)

A. extremely low latency

B. endpoints that can customize layouts

C. the ability to upscale low-resolution video

D. lower cost per port

E. typically higher port capacity

F. the ability for endpoints to connect at different bandwidth speeds and resolutions

Answer: A, D, E

Which three Cisco TelePresence endpoints are considered immersive endpoints? (Choose three.)

A. TX9000

B. EX90

C. C20

D. T3

E. SX10

F. CTS-3000

G. Jabber Video for TelePresence

Answer: A, D, F

Which personal Cisco TelePresence unit can be used as a replacement for a person’s computer monitor on their desk?

A. EX90

B. MX800

C. TX9000

D. SX10

E. SX80

Answer: A

During the initial setup of the Cisco TelePresence System 500, you are required to do an initial camera setup that fails.

What might be a primary reason that the failure occurs?

A. The camera cannot focus on the target.

B. The room is too dark.

C. The system is too far away from the target.

D. The cable to the camera is not connected correctly.

Answer: B

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