Huawei certification H12-223-ENU exam questions

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Share some HCNP-R&S H12-223-ENU exam questions and answers below.
The current enterprise inner network often use private IP address to communicate, which of the following address is private IP address?






Answer: D

Huawei’s enterprise network management product is eSight, and it is divided into three versions: Lite, Standard and Professional Edition, then the professional version compared with the standard version, which of the following features mainly increase?

A. Professional Edition provides database backup tool.

B. Support multi-user management.

C. Support WLAN, MPLS VPN management.

D. Support hierarchical management model.

Answer: D

Which kind of the aspects do the cutover difficulties mainly have? (Multiple choice)

A. Minimize the scope of the business affecting.

B. Do the best on rish aversion

C. Develop a complete cutover plan.

D. perform the cutover smoothly

Answer: ABCD

Ethernet is the most mainstream LAN currently, when carrying out the Ethernet network selection, what factors usually need to consider? (Multiple choice)

A. Network speed

B. Network media

C. Network size

D. Network Hierarchy

E. Packaging standards

Answer: AB

When configuring the DHCP relay function on a device, the replay connecting the client’s VLANIF interface must be bound to the DHCP server group, and the bound DHCP server group must be configured with the DHCP server IP address.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

Which of the following should be focused on during the information collection phase of the structured network troubleshooting process? (Multiple choice)

A. What information needs to be collected.

B. How to collect this information.

C. Whether authorization is required.

D. Risk assessment for the information collection phase.

Answer: ABCD

Determining the project team members is the work content of the implementation phase.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

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