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The dsmerror.log states that a file is in use by another process and cannot be backed up. Which backup policy attribute should be examined to determine the criteria that are used for a file backup?

A. mode

B. serialization

C. absolute

D. frequency

Answer: A

How is the amount of client data backed up during the last 24 hours determined?

A. runQUERY SUMMARY BEGIND= –1administrative command

B. use the command line builder within the OperationsCenter and runQ BACKUP BEGIND=1

C. look at the Activity pane the IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center

D. from the administrative command line runQUERY OCCUPANCY –ALL

Answer: D

Which statement is true regarding an administrative with node owner authority?

A. Only one administrator can have owner authority of a node.

B. They cannot log on locally to the backup-archive client.

C. REVOKEREMOTEACCESSprevents access through the web backup-archive client.

D. They can access node data from another node.

Answer: A

An administrator has client owner authority and needs to delete previous backups performed by that node without accessing the IBM Spectrum Protect server. What must happen for this to occur?

A. The administrator must delete the filespaces.

B. The administrator must be granted system authority.

C. Backup deletion must be enabled for the node.

D. The administrator must expire the backup data.

Answer: B

Which statement is true regarding scheduling a reclamation process without impacting client backup in IBM Spectrum Protect?

A. Reclamation should be allowed to happen only by the automatic threshold.

B. Reclamation should be scheduled to start after client backups finish utilizing a durationthat ends before client backups start.

C. Reclamation is only scheduled through an administrative script.

D. Reclamation can only be scheduled through the Operations Center.

Answer: A

Which backup-archive client host operating system requires the use of a dsm.sys file?

A. UNIX/Linux

B. Microsoft Windows workstation system

C. any server in a Microsoft Windows cluster

D. Microsoft Windows server 2008

Answer: A

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