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Share some HCIE-Cloud H13-531-ENU exam questions and answers below.
When virtual machine network is obstructed on FusionCompute, which of the following is a possible fault point? (Multiple choice)

A. the PV driver is not installed on the virtual machine

B. The virtual machine does not have a network card

C. The network card is not enabled

D. Virtual machine firewalls Limit network traffic

Answer: ABCD

In Huawei FusionAccess DaaS system multi-tenant mode, if sharing a license server, which of the following description is correct? (Multiple choice)

A. It is recommended that the operator’s management network be isolated from the tenant network

B. ITA, HDC and WI need to enable dual-NIC, and the license server is in the same network

C. Each tenant can have a separate VLAN or multiple tenants are divided into the same VLAN

D. The tenant can monopolize ITA, WI/HDC/DB, AD/DNS/DHCP, have separate VLAN, do not share with other tenants

Answer: ACD

Creating a boot virtual machine on FusionCompute fails, which of the following method can be used to fix the problem? (Multiple choice)

A. Repair the host to manage the network link

B. Leave the host out of maintenance mode

C. Check the remaining memory space to ensure that there is sufficient storage space

D. Recreate and Start a virtual machine with the same specification

Answer: ABC

Which of the following steps are involved in the migration process for Huawei FusionSphere services?

A. Migration assessment

B. Program design

C. Migration implementation

D. Migration and acceptance

Answer: ABCD

In Huawei’s SDN solution, which of Overlay modes are supported? (Multiple choice)

A. NVE is deployed on TOR

B. NVE is deployed in FOR

C. NVE is deployed in OVS

D. NVE is deployed on EVS

Answer: AC

Huawei FusionSphere OpenStack proceeds the commercial enhancement based on the OpenStack community version, which of the following services belong to Huawei’s developed enhanced features? (Multiple choice)

A. Cloud Start Service CBS

B. Cloud Distribution Service CPS

C. Graphical business management interface

D. OpenStack Cascading Scheme

Answer: ABC

Under the scenarios of Huawei FusionAccess application virtualization, which of the following way can the client through to get to the application list?

A. HDC returns to the application list according to the MAC address of the client

B. HDC returns to the application list according to the IP address of the client

C. HDC returns to the application list according to the client’s user name

D. HDC returns to the application list according to the user’s user group name

Answer: C

Huawei ManageOne fuses VPC in the resources pool scene, If using routed network, which of the following prerequisites are required? (Multiple choice)

A. The switch allows the VLAN to pass through

B. An external network has been created and the subnet is configured

C. VPC has applied for a router

D. need to manually configure the gateways and routes

Answer: ABC

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