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Share some HCNA-Security H12-711-ENU exam questions and answers below.
How to view the matching number of security policy?

A. display firewall sesstion table

B. display security policy all

C. display security-policy count

D. count security policy hit

Answer: B

When an enterprise in the deployment of the network boundary firewall, configured the NAT Server source NAT, OSPF routing, and related security policy, when the data reaches the firewall, the firewall processing sequence is :

A. OSPF Routing> Security Policy> Source NAT> NAT Server

B. Security Policy> Source NAT> NAT Server> OSPF Routing

C. Source NAT> OSPF Routing> Security Policy> NAT Server

D. NAT Server> OSPF Routing> Security Policy> Source NAT

Answer: D

About the default security zones of USG series security firewall, which of the following statement is correct?

A. The default security zone can be deleted

B. The security level of the default security zone can be modified

C. The default security zone cannot be deleted, but can modify the security level

D. There are four default security zones

Answer: D

About NAT £¬ which statement is correct?

A. NAT with port translation NAT address pool can be configured to achieve

B. NAT compatible with all IPsec security protocol

C. Because the FTP protocol is a multi-channel protocol, so it does not support NAT

D. NAT support TCP/IP two, three, four conversion

Answer: A

ASPF technology enables the firewall to support multi-channel protocols such as FTP, at the same time can also formulate the corresponding security strategy for complex applications.



Answer: A

Which of following problems can use IPsec-IKE aggressive mode to solve ? (multiple choice)

A. negotiate slow problem on both ends of the tunnel

B. the security problems in the process of negotiation

C. NAT traversal problem

D. originator source address uncertainty problem

Answer: CD

ASPF (Application Specific Packet Filter) is a kind of packet filtering based on the application layer, it checks the application layer protocol information and monitor the connection state of the application layer protocol. ASPF by Server Map table achieves a special security mechanism.

Which statement about ASPF and Server map table are correct? (Multiple choice)

A. ASPF monitors the packets in the process of communication

B. ASPF dynamically create and delete filtering rules

C. ASPF through server map table realize dynamic to allow multi-channel protocol data to pass

D. quintuple server-map entries achieve a similar functionality with session table

Answer: ABC

SVN products extend the network function, the need to implement the user can only access the remote enterprise Intranet, cannot access to the local LAN and the Internet, you need to use the client routing is:

A. Full Tunnel

B. Split Tunnel

C. Route Tunnel

D. Manual Tunnel

Answer: A

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