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Share some HCS-Pre-Sales-IP Network(Datacom) H19-301-ENU exam questions and answers below.
S12700 main competitor is S10500 at home, can be joint S9700 between up and down.



Answer: A

Which of the following switch does not support PoE function?

A. S2700-26TP-PWR-EI

B. S2700-9TP-PWR-EI

C. S3700-52P-PWR-EI

D. S3700-52P-EI

Answer: D

Which of the following switches support Combo ports (Multiple choices)?

A. S2700-26TP-SI

B. S2700-52P-EI

C. S3700-28TP-SI

D. S3700-52P-PWR-EI

Answer: AC

802.11ac panel AP2030 in case of power outages, limited Ethernet and wireless AP functions are unable to continue to transmit data



Answer: B

Which module does S7700 through to support the hardware-level OAM/BFD function?





Answer: C

Usually use ( ) to describe the signal strength of the AP.

A. dB

B. dBi

C. dBw

D. dBm

Answer: D

Which of the following SMB switches support GHOST function? (Multiple-choice)

A. 1700-28GFR-4P-AC

B. S1700-52GFR-4P-AC

C. S1700-28FR-2T2P-AC

D. S1700-52FR-2T2P-AC

Answer: ABCD

Which of the following is the major network positioning of AR G3? (Multiple choice)

A. Data Center exit router

B. SME branch

C. enterprise campus network outlet

D. enterprise self-built Widelink

Answer: BCD

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