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Cisco 400-101 test questions of Certpark is devoloped in accordance with the latest syllabus. At the same time, we also constantly upgrade our training materials. So our exam training materials is simulated with the practical exam. So that the pass rate of Certpark is very high. It is an undeniable fact. Through this we can know that Certpark Cisco 400-101 test questions can brought help to the candidates. 
Share some CCIE 400-101 exam questions and answers below.
Refer to the exhibit.

Which QoS mechanism is in use to prioritize voice traffic?

A. priority queuing

B. low-latency queuing


D. fair queuing

E. custom queuing

Answer: B

Which statement about EIGRP request packets is true?

A. They are transmitted unreliably.

B. They are transmitted via broadcast.

C. They determine whether a destination is reachable.

D. They are sent in response to query.

Answer: A

Which two options are required parts of an EEM policy? (Choose two.)

A. event register keyword

B. body

C. environment must defines

D. namespace import

E. entry status

F. exit status

Answer: A, B

What are two of the commands that you can enter to gracefully shut down OSPF and notify neighbors?(Choose two)

A. router(config-if)# ip ospf graceful shutdown

B. router(config-if)# ip ospf shutdown

C. router(config-router)# shutdown

D. router(config-router)# graceful shutdown

E. router(config)# ip notify

Answer: BC

Which two statements about the client -identifier in a DHCP pool are true? (Choose two)

A. It specifies a unique identifier that is used only for BOOTP requests.

B. It specifies a unique identifier that is used only for DHCP requests.

C. It requires that you specify the hardware protocol.

D. It is specified by appending 01 to the MAC address of a DHCP client.

E. It specifies a hardware address for the client.

Answer: B, D

Which option describes how a router responds if LSA throttling is configured and it receives the identical LSA before the interval is set?

A. The LSA is added to the OSPF database and a notification is sent to the sending router to slow down its LSA packet updates.

B. The LSA is added to the OSPF database.

C. The LSA is ignored.

D. The LSA is ignored and a notification is sent to the sending router to slow its LSA packet updates.

Answer: C

Which two statements about Cisco Express Forwarding are true?

A. The FIB table resides on the route processor and the adjacency table resides on the line cards when Cisco Express Forwarding is enabled.

B. The FIB table and the adjacency table reside on the line cards when Cisco Express Forwarding is enabled.

C. Layer 2 next-hop address information is maintained in the adjacency table.

D. Layer 2 next-hop address information is maintained in the FIB table

Answer: C

For which reason can two OSPF neighbor routers on the same LAN segment be stuck in the two-way state?

A. The two routers have different MTUs on the interface.

B. The two routers are configured with different priorities.

C. The interface priority is set to zero on both routers.

D. Both routers have the same OSPF router ID.

Answer: C

Which two statements about static routing are true?(choose two.)

A. It provides better security than dynamic routing

B. It is highly scalable as networks grow.

C. It reduces configuration errors.

D. It requires less bandwidth and fewer CPU cycles than dynamic routing protocols.

E. It can be implemented more quickly than dynamic routing.

Answer: A ,D

Refer to the Exhibit.

Which kind of ICMPv6 packet is shown in the output?

A. neighbor advertisement

B. neighbor solicitation

C. router discovery

D. time exceeded

E. router advertisement

Answer: B

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