C9010-251 Power Systems with POWER8 Scale-out Technical Sales Skills V1

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Share some IBM Certified Technical Sales Specialist C9010-251 exam questions and answers below.
An IBM Power S824 server has Update Access Key valid through 01-01-2017.

Which is a valid statement regarding firmware updates?

A. Firmware updates will be restricted to IBM after 01-01-2017.

B. Firmware Updates e orgy available le via the AS MIL and not the HMC after 01-01-2017

C. Firmware updates released prior to 01-01-2017 d be allowed, but those released after that date will not

D. Firmware updates will not be restricted, but the server will display a message stating there is no maintenance contract in place.

Answer: C

What would improve overall utilization of physical memory resources by allowing a group of partitions to share a pool of physics memory resources?

A. Active Memory Expansion

PowerHA Enterprise Edition

B. Active Memory Sharing

PowerVM Standard Edition

C. Active Memory Sharing

PowerVM Enterprise Edition

D. Active Memory Mirroring

PowerVM Standard Edition

Answer: C

A client purchased one Power S822 server to run their AIX workloads in virtual partitions. They intend to consolidate their Linux workloads to this POWER8 server in the future as well.

Which virtualization solution will satisfy this requirement on this server?

A. PowerKVM for both AIX and Linux workloads

B. PowerVM for both AIX and Linux workloads

C. OPAL for both AIX and Linux workloads

D. KVM for both AIX and Linux workloads

Answer: B

A customer will be using an S822L and PowerKVM. They want to know how they will attach a console to their machine over the network during installation. Which console solution should they use?




D. Virsh

Answer: D

A technical specialist will be tasked to add partitions to an existing server.

Which browser-based tool will vid the configuration design to ensure that the requirements are within maximum server resources?

A. Energy Estimator

B. Econfig

C. System Planning Tool

D. Workload Estimator

Answer: C

A customer is willing to console severs servers running Oracle and DB2 databases from several departments on a single server, while keeping each department administratively separate, each within their own operating system. They are concerned about licensing after consolidation, because they are not willing to pay for Oracle licenses for the cores running DB2 and pay for DB2 licenses on cores running Oracle.What would be the best method to handle this situation, to make environment compliant and achieve the customer demands?

A. Create two Shared Processor Pools, one for Oracle and another for DB2, and consolidate the servers on distinct LPARs on the corresponding pool.

B. Create one capped LPAR per consolidated server, on each LPAR profile page on the HMC select the corresponding database type, and make sure DB Isolation option is checked.

C. Create one uncapped LPAR per consolidated server, monitor CPU usage and keep a spreadsheet up-to-data to account for the databases licenses used for compliance audits.

D. Create two capped LPARs, one for Oracle databases and other for DB2 databases, and make sure the LPARs have the right amount of cores assigned to them according to customer existing licenses.

Answer: A

Which of the following is a standard feature of all Scale-out LC configuration?

A. 64 GB of Memory

B. One 1 TB SATA Disk Drive

C. One 4-port 1Gb Ethernet Adapter

D. Two Power Supplies

Answer: D

What is a benefit of IBM POWER8 support for little-endian (LE)?

A. Ability to run programs compiled for x86 processors

B. Support of older 32-bit applications

C. Little-endian has better performance than Big-endian

D. Ease of porting programs from other architectures

Answer: A

A customer wards to provide redundant links to their network ports to increase network bandwidth and availability.

This technique is referred to as:

A. VLAN tagging.

B. Network Interface Backup.

C. Link aggregation

D. Shared Ethernet Adapter.

Answer: C

A customer is considering a purchase of an S812L. One PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion Drawer is required to meet the I/O adapter requirements.

How many rack units (EIA) are required?

A. 7

B. 8

C. 4

D. 6

Answer: D

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