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Many ambitious IT professionals want to make further improvements in the IT industry and be closer from the IT peak. They would choose this difficult Cisco certification 300-160 exam to get certification and gain recognition in IT area. Cisco 300-160 is very difficult and passing rate is relatively low. But enrolling in the Cisco certification 300-160 exam is a wise choice, because in today’s competitive IT industry, we should constantly upgrade ourselves. However, you can choose many ways to help you pass the exam.
Share some CCNP Data Center 300-160 exam questions and answers below.
Which four components would you select to meet a customer requirement of up to 80 Gb/s Ethernet bandwidth to a Cisco UCS M230 M3 blade server? (Choose four.)

A. Cisco UCS 5108

B. Cisco UCS 2204XP

C. Cisco UCS 6248UP

D. Cisco UCS 5596UP

E. Cisco UCS P81E

F. Cisco UCS 2208XP

G. Cisco UCS 6110XP

H. Cisco UCS VIC 1280

Answer: A, C, F, H

Which business requirement typically drives the data center design?

A. data center location

B. support for heterogeneous compute environments

C. a collapsed core and distribution layer

D. choice of a hypervisor

Answer: B

Which Cisco product is the least likely example of an access layer switch within the data center network?

A. Cisco Nexus 1000v

B. Cisco Nexus 5500

C. Cisco Nexus 7000

D. Cisco MOS 9222i

Answer: D

Which access-layer device is capable of low-latency 40 Gb Ethernet switching?

A. Cisco Nexus 5596UP

B. Cisco Nexus 4000

C. Cisco Nexus 3016

D. Cisco Nexus 2232

E. Cisco Nexus 2248

Answer: C

Your customer has a requirement to load balance traffic to rich media servers connected to the data center access layer.

Which Cisco ACE Service Module deployment topology will yield the highest potential bandwidth to subscribers?

A. Transparent

B. One-Arm

C. Routed

D. lnline

E. Asymmetric Server Normalization

Answer: E

Which technology differentiates a data center designed around Cisco equipment versus another vendor?





Answer: C

Which three features are part of Cisco DCNM for SAN Advanced Edition? (Choose three.)

A. federation and VSAN scoping

B. VM-aware discovery and path analysis

C. fabric performance monitoring

D. event lookup

E. VSAN zoning

Answer: A, B, C

Which three items represent data center virtualization technologies? (Choose three.)




D. L2 firewall



Answer: A, B, C

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