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Share some HCNP-R&S H12-223-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following reasons may cause the MSTP protocol within the LAN to fail to work properly?

A. MSTP configuration is incorrect.

B. The physical link is flapping, triggering the device to send a large number of TC packets.

C. Enable MSTP device receives the MSTP TC packet from the client or transparently.

D. The priority of the port in the specified spanning tree instance is not configured.

Answer: ABC

DHCP snooping as an effective security mechanism, which of the following attacks can be prevented? (Multiple choice)

A. Prevent DHCP counterfeiters attack.

B. Prevent a DOS attack on the DHCP server.

C. Prevent MAC address flooding attack.

D. Combining DAI function to check the source MAC address of the packet.

E. Combining IPSG function to check the source IP address of the packet.

Answer: ABE

After the delivery of the project, the O&M costs will continue to be incurred. Which of the following are the costs incurred during the O&M? (Multiple choice)

A. Energy costs

B. Line construction costs

C. Line rental costs

D. Equipment depreciation costs

E. Personnel costs

Answer: ACE

Which of the following troubleshooting methods does not use the TCP/IP reference model as the theoretical basis?

A. Contrast configuration method.

B. Top-down method.

C. Bottom-up approach.

D. Substitution method.

Answer: A

What circumstances is "Loop" test generally used in ?

A. Test whether the application can be properly connected.

B. Test whether the routing protocol can effectively avoid loops.

C. Test whether the switch can effectively perform loop containment and broadcast containment.

D. Test whether the physical line is interrupted.

Answer: D

Which of the following statements is incorrect about the OSPF neighbor relationship failure description?

A. Stranded on ExStart state indicates that the MTU mismatch or OSPF RID (Router ID) repeat between neighbor routers.

B. For non DR/BDR routers on the Ethernet link. Stranded on 2-Way state is acceptable.

C. Stranded on Init state indicates that the router has received the Hello packet from the neighbor, but the Hello message does not contain the receiving router OSPF RID (Router ID).

D. Stranded on Attempt state indicates that the router does not send unicast Hello packets to the configured neighbors.

Answer: D

Optical power generally uses dbm to represent, which dbm value is the current majority of optical transceiver equipment can receive and identify data?

A. -30dbm

B. -10dbm

C. 10dbm

D. 30dbm

Answer: B

The current enterprise inner network often use private IP address to communicate, which of the following address is private IP address?






Answer: D

When the network needs a large number of IP phones and WLAN AP access, what kind of function of the switch do we generally consider choosing?

A. Switches with STP edge port function.

B. POE-enabled switches.

C. SACG-enabled switches.

D. QoS-enabled switches.

Answer: B

Project acceptance meeting will be OK as long as both parties to be present, do not need third parties to participate.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

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