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Share some Network Appliance NCDA Certification NS0-158 exam questions and answers below.
Which two methods would be used to change root-data partitioning on an FAS2500? (Choose two.)

A. OnCommand System Manager

B. command line interface

C. System Setup

D. OnCommand Unified Manager

Answer: B,C

A customer creates four broadcast domains with the following ports included for node cl-01:

bcast1 ¨C e0c

bcast2 ¨C e0d

bcast3 ¨C e0e

bcast4 ¨C e0f

A customer creates a LIF and specifies a home port of cl-01:e0f. After LIF creation, the administrator modifies the home port to use cl-01:e0c.

Which broadcast domain is the LIF using now?

A. bcast4

B. bcast2

C. bcast1

D. bcast3

Answer: C

Why would you use NetApp Snapshots?

A. for data protection

B. to increase performance

C. for network resiliency

D. for storage failover

Answer: A

You change the volume junction-path of vol1 from /vol/vol1 to /vol1. NFS clients are unable to connect to the new path/vol1.

Which mirrors need to be updated to solve this problem?

A. TDP mirrors of the SVM root volume.

B. XDP mirrors of the SVM root volume

C. DP mirrors of the SVM root volume

D. LS mirrors of the SVM root volume

Answer: D

You create a 150 GB thick-provisioned volume. In that volume, you create a 50 GB LUN with space-reserve enabled. You create another 50 GB LUN with space-reserve disabled. Before any data is written to either LUN or a Snapshot is taken, how much space will be available in the volume for additional LUNs?

A. 150 GB

B. 100 GB

C. 75 GB

D. 50 GB

Answer: B

Which type of connectivity is supported when connecting third-party arrays through FlexArray Virtualization for back-end storage to a NetApp cluster?




D. Infiniband

Answer: C

When creating a data aggregate, what is the default minimum number of disks for RAID4 and RAID-DP?

A. 5 for RAID4 and 9 for RAID-DP

B. 4 for RAID4 and 7 for RAID-DP

C. 3 for RAID4 and 5 for RAID-DP

D. 2 for RAID4 and 3 for RAID-DP

Answer: C

A customer created a volume with the wrong language code. What should a customer do to correct this problem?

A. Delete the volume and create a volume with the correct language code.

B. Take the volume offline and change the language code.

C. Change the language code on the volume.

D. Change the language code on the parent storage virtual machine.

Answer: A

An administrator is attempting to add two FAS8020 nodes to an existing cluster of eight FAS2552 nodes. They are receiving an error when attempting to join the new nodes.

What is causing this error?

A. The cluster switch connections have been cabled incorrectly.

B. The disk shelves on one of the new nodes are displaying an error.

C. The maximum number of nodes is already in the cluster.

D. The new nodes are running a newer version of clustered Data ONTAP.

Answer: C

A NetApp cluster is connected to two network switches for resiliency. One of the network switches loses power. Most LIFs on the cluster automatically recover from the switch failure to and are reachable through the network. One LIF used for CIFS access is not reachable through the network until power is restored to the failed switch.

Which two areas should be investigated to determine the problem? (Choose two.)

A. The protocols allowed on the LIFs.

B. The LIFs failover-group configuration.

C. The LIFs home port.

D. The broadcast domain¡¯s member ports.

Answer: B,D

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