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Share some IBM Certified Technical Sales Specialist C9010-251 exam questions and answers below.
A customer hosts multiple partitions on a POWER7 750 server and want to replace it with an S824 Scale-out server.

The man concern is the high utilization of the 10Gbps Host Ethernet adapter ports. They want to maintain quality of service aid reduce CPU overhead while utilizing the minimum number of adapters.

Which of the following physics adapter options can be added to satisfy the customer¡¯s concern with the proposed architecture?

A. 10Gbps SR-IOV Ethernet adapter

B. 10Gbps Ethernet adapter to each partition

C. lntegrated 1whial Ethernet (IVE) 10Gbps Ethernet adapter

D. 10Gbps Ethernet adapter m the VIO Server

Answer: A

What would improve overall utilization of physical memory resources by allowing a group of partitions to share a pool of physics memory resources?

A. Active Memory Expansion

PowerHA Enterprise Edition

B. Active Memory Sharing

PowerVM Standard Edition

C. Active Memory Sharing

PowerVM Enterprise Edition

D. Active Memory Mirroring

PowerVM Standard Edition

Answer: C

What standard feature was added to the 4-core POWER8 S814 to improve the RAS capability when compared to a 4-core POWER7 720?

A. Alternate Processor Recovery

B. Chipkill Memory

C. PCIe Hot Plug Support


Answer: C

What is an advantage of sing SR-IOV as compared to using a SEA (Shred Ethernet Adapter) through VIOS?

A. It requires little bandwidth per virtual adapter.

B. It allows for direct access I/O.

C. It enables LPM.

D. It provides port security.

Answer: B

A client want to move LPARs between servers to eliminate planned downtime.

Which product provides this capability?

A. PowerVM Standard Edition

B. PowerVC Enterprise Edition

C. PowerVP Standard Edition

D. PowerVM Enterprise Edition

Answer: D

What is the main function of the POWER8 CAPI feature?

A. It improves memory bandwidth

B. It connects auxiliary processors such as FPGAs.

C. It increases the clock frequency speed.

D. It improves cache coherency.

Answer: B

Which technology provides simple virtualization for Ethernet, with quality of service controls that specify minimum bandwidth per partition?

A. SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization)

B. HEA (Host Ethernet Adapter)

C. CAN (Converged Network Adapter)

D. SEA (Shared Ethernet Adapter)

Answer: A

A customer wants to deploy SAP HAHA on IBM Power Systems. Which operating system is supported?

A. IBM i V7R2


C. AIX 7.2

D. Ubuntu 14

Answer: B

Which of the following are required in order to utilize Live Partition Mobility?

A. PowerVM Enterprise Edition

SAN attached disk

Virtual Ethernet

B. Dedicated processors

PowerVM Enterprise Edition

Virtual Ethernet

C. Dedicated processors

Dual VIO Servers

SAN attached disk

Virtual Ethernet

D. Dual VIO Servers

PowerVM Enterprise Edition

SAN attached disk

Two virtual processors

Answer: A

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