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Share some HCIE-R&S H12-261-ENU exam questions and answers below.
AS-path-filter using regular expression ^[0-9]+$ to represent all the AS_PATH attribute.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Recently the company network often attacked by ARP, in order to curb ARP attacks, which of the following technique can we use? (Multiple choice)


B. DHCP snooping


D. static MAC address binding

E. Port isolation

Answer: ABE

There is a network composed by router R1, router R2, router R3 and router R4. The four routers are interconnected by a LAN network. All four routers deploy the basic OSPF. When you are executing the command "display ospf peer" on Router 2, you will find the status between Router2 and Router3 is "2-way".

So from this output, what conclusion can you draw? (Multiple choice)

A. the router R2 is DR or BDR

B. router R3 is neither DR, nor the BDR

C. router did not form a full adjacency relationship between R2 and R3 router

D. router R2 is not DR

E. the router R4 is DR

Answer: BCD

HW users are very much transmission via TFTP file.

What protocol is relied on by TFTP for transmission?


B. IP and TCP




Answer: E

Which of the following DNS resource record is legitimate? ( Multiple choice)



C. A



Answer: ABCD

Which of the following description about data traffic load sharing in Huawei equipment is true?

A. only LACP and LLDP protocol in Huawei devices can implement data traffic load sharing.

B. Huawei device supports PoS, Serial, Ethernet and other types of interface link aggregation and load sharing.

C. under the Huawei switches Eth-trunk interface, the default is based on source MAC address and destination IP address foreignlands for load sharing.

D. under Huawei switches Eth-trunk interface may be based on data frame CoS values do hash algorithm to achieve load sharing.

Answer: B

In order to improve the security of ISIS protocol, you can configure the authentication in ISIS protocol, there are three authentication methods, namely the interface certification, domain authentication and routing domain authentication.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

As shown below, which routes will R2 learn?

A. R2 can learn R1 all routes .

B. R2 can learn router.

C. R2 can learn and two routes.

D. R2 can receive R1 LSP, but can not be added to the routing table.

Answer: A

You’re troubleshooting frame relay interface serial 0 on HW router. When the interface is up and quickly enters the down state. You use the command display interface, see LMI status message of interface serial has been sent but not received.

So what causes the problem occur?

A. Receive too much error message on the link

B. Frame Relay Imi-type configuration error

C. Subinterface number exceeds the limits of the IDB

D. DCD configuration errors on the frame relay line

E. Ends of keepalive configuration error

Answer: B

RD is used to distinguish same IP address between different VPN.

RD contains how many bit?

A. 16

B. 32

C. 64

D. 128

Answer: C

Which of the following information does STP based on to calculate path cost?

A. interface bandwidth

B. interface delay

C. interface bandwidth and delay

D. hops

E. bridge priority

Answer: A

Here on the OSI reference model, which description about the sixth layer functional is corret?

A. Providing a common data compression and encryption scheme

B. Establishing, maintaining and terminating communication sessions

C. Synchronous Communication

D. Determining the availability of resources

Answer: A

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