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Share some IBM Certified System Administrator C9010-022 exam questions and answers below.
Within a Perl script, how can the output of the hostname command be assigned to a variable called myHostname?

A. chopfmyHostname-‘hostname -s 2>/dev/null")

B. chop($myHostname=%hostname -s 2>/dev/nuir);

C. $myHostname=7usr/bin/hostname".

D. chomp(@myHostname-hostname -s 2>/dev/null’);

Answer: B

What is a requirement for Live Partition Mobility?

A. The network and disk must be virtual.

B. The disk must be virtual and a Logical Host Ethernet Adapter (LHEA) for network.

C. The client partition must be connected to a SAN.

D. The client partition must be set up asa ‘Mover Service Partition¡¯.

Answer: A

After AIX TL and SP update, the command “lppchk -v” returns the following output:

Which command will provide the list of filesets that need this prerequisite?

A. lppchk -vm3

B. lslpp -l rsct.opt.storagerm

C. oslevel -rl

D. installp -C rsct.opt.storagerm

Answer: A

How can an administrator disable Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in a WPAR?

A. Run chattr -E -I sys0 -a enhanced_RBAC=false Reboot the WPAR

B. Run the RBAC wizard and deselect ‘Enable RBAC Reboot the system

C. Run chdev -I mywpar -a enhanced_RBAC=false Reboot the Global Environment

D. Run chwpar -a RBAC=false Reboot the WPAR

Answer: C

Which technology provides the maximum amount of usable storage and resilience for a system with 6 physical volumes?





Answer: C

An LPAR is configured with strict logical volume mirroring across two disks for resilience. The administrator would like to ensure if one disk fails the volume group stays online. Which command will ensure that the datavg volume group stays online?

A. varyonvg -n datavg

B. mirrorvg-Q-c 2 datavg

C. mklvcopy -e m -s y (each logical volume name) 2

D. chvg -Qn datavg

Answer: D

Which is a benefit of dynamic tracking of Fibre Channel devices?

A. I/O failures are prevented with Fibre Channel tape devices.

B. SAN changes are automatically detected.

C. SAN disk arraysare created with a common set of disk attributes.

D. NPIV support is added for all AIX Fibre Channel adapters.

Answer: B

A P0WER5 520 system is being cloned onto a Power 780. The source system is on internal disks, and the vg01 volume group is mirrored. After installing AIX, which sequence of actions will recreate the vg01 volume group and restore data on the new system?

A. Have all the applications shut down. Create a backup of each filesystem to an NFS mount using the backup command. Restore thefilesystem backups with the restorevgfiles command.

B. Create a backup onto an NFS server using the mksysb command and referencing the correct data volume group Restore the backup of vg01 with the smit fast path smit restmksysb.

C. Have all applications shut down. Use the savevg command to create a backup of the data volume group to an NFS mount. Restore the savevg on the clone system with the restvg command.

D. Shut down all application running from the data volume group. Run the cpio command to write thefile to a local NFS server. Restore command with the backup to recreate vg01.

Answer: C

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