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They use their professional IT knowledge and rich experience to develop a wide range of different training plans which can help you pass Juniper certification JN0-633 exam successfully. In Certpark you can always find out the most suitable Juniper JNCIP JN0-633 exam bootcamp way for you to pass the exam easily. No matter you choose which kind of the training method, Certpark will provide you a free one-year update service. 

Using JN0-633 Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC) provided by Certpark to pass Juniper certification JN0-633 exam is not a problem, and you can pass the exam with high scores.Certpark Juniper JNCIP JN0-633 exam bootcamp is developed by our expert team’s wealth of knowledge and experience, and can fully meet the demand of Juniper certification JN0-633 exam’s candidates. 
Share some JNCIP JN0-633 exam questions and answers below.
Two companies, A and B, are connected as separate customers on an SRX5800 residing on two virtual routers (VR-A and VR-B). These companies have recently been merged and now operate under a common IT security policy. You have been asked to facilitate communication between these VRs. Which two methods will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.Use instance-import to share the routes between the two VRs.

B.Create logical tunnel interfaces to interconnect the two VRs.

C.Use a physical connection between VR-A and VR-B to interconnect them.

D.Create a static route using the next-table action in both VRs.

Answer: A,D

You want to verify that all application traffic traversing your SRX device uses standard ports. For example, you need to verify that only DNS traffic runs through port 53, and no other protocols. How would you accomplish this goal?

A.Use an IDP policy to identify the application regardless of the port used.

B.Use a custom ALG to detect the application regardless of the port used.

C.Use AppTrack to detect the application regardless of the port used.

D.Use AppID to detect the application regardless of the port used.

Answer: A

Microsoft has altered the way their Web-based Hotmail application works. You want to update your application firewall policy to correctly identify the altered Hotmail application.

Which two steps must you take to modify the application? (Choose two.)

A.user@srx> request services application-identification application copy junos:HOTMAIL

B.user@srx> request services application-identification application enable junos:HOTMAIL

C.user@srx# edit services custom application-identification my:HOTMAIL

D.user@srx# edit services application-identification my:HOTMAIL

Answer: A,D

In which situation is NAT proxy NDP required?

A.when translated addresses belong to the same subnet as the ingress interface

B.when filter-based forwarding and static NAT are used on the same interface

C.when working with static NAT scenarios

D.when the security device operates in transparent mode

Answer: C

What is a benefit of using a dynamic VPN?

A.It provides a layer of redundancy on top of a point-to-point VPN mesh architecture.

B.It eliminates the need for point-to-point VPN tunnels.

C.It provides a way to grant VPN access on a per-user-group basis.

D.It simplifies IPsec access for remote clients.

Answer: D

Which statement is true regarding dual-stack lite?

A.The softwire is an IPv4 tunnel over an IPv6 network.

B.The softwire initiator (SI) encapsulates IPv6 packets in IPv4.

C.The softwire concentrator (SC) decapsulates softwire packets.

D.SRX devices support the softwire concentrator and softwire initiator functionality.

Answer: C

You are asked to merge the corporate network with the network from a recently acquired company. Both networks use the same private IPv4 address space ( An SRX device serves as the gateway for each network. Which solution allows you to merge the two networks without adjusting the current address assignments?

A.source NAT

B.persistent NAT

C.double NAT


Answer: C

Your company’s network has seen an increase in Facebook-related traffic. You have been asked to restrict the amount of Facebook-related traffic to less than 100 Mbps regardless of congestion.

What are three components used to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

A.IDP policy

B.application traffic control

C.application firewall

D.security policy

E.application signature

Answer: B,D,E

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