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Share some Sales Mastery M2090-821 exam questions and answers below.
An enterprise is utilizing a cloud computing environment in which the infrastructure resides on the premises of the client, and a service provider manages the cloud infrastructure.

What is the name of this cloud deployment model?

A. Hosted Private Cloud

B. Managed Private Cloud

C. Hybrid Cloud

D. Public Cloud

Answer: B

What data movement integration approach is currently in beta with dashDB, but is anticipated to be a strategic capability across CDS for us in 2016?

A. traditional ETL tools

B. online data transfer

C. Ship a drive to the customer to copy the data

D. IBM Aspera

Answer: D

In Platform-as-a-Service, the client is responsible for managing:

A. Everything above the operating system, including database management systems and app servers

B. Everything above the hardware, including the operating system

C. Nothing, the client simply uses the provided application

D. Applications and Data only

Answer: D

Which database offering is designed for analytics and integrates seamlessly with Cloudant?

A. Bluemix

B. dashDB

C. Biginsights

D. Data Works

Answer: B

IBM is approached by a health insurance company that currently uses various IBM products on-premises. For compliance reasons, they choose not to use cloud services. Which products would provide them Spark on-premises?

A. IBM does not offer it on-premises

B. IBM Open Platform (lOP) for Apache Hadoop

C. The IBM Analytics for Apache Spark offering includes on premise entitlements

D. Leverage the IBM Databricks relationship

Answer: C

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