Certpark Oracle Linux 1Z0-100 exam test questions

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Share some Oracle Linux 1Z0-100 exam questions and answers below.
Which three settings can be controlled by using the chage breemar command as the root user, to

modify the parameters in the /etc/shadow file?

A. The expiration date of the breemar account

B. The number of days after the breemar account is locked, that it becomes expired

C. The maximum number of days that must elapse between password changes by the user breemar

before the password becomes invalid

D. The number of days after the breemar account is locked, that it becomes unlocked

E. The minimum number of days that must elapse between password changes by the user breemar

F. The maximum number of failed login attempts on the breemar account before the account is locked

Answer: A,C,E

You want to display the value of a shell variable called service after assigning a value as shown:


Which two settings will display the name of the variable and its value?

A. set | grep service

B. echo $SERVICE

C. env | grep SERVICE



Answer: B,C

Which four statements are true about software on the Oracle Public YUM server?

A. It contains Oracle Linux installation ISO images.

B. It contains Oracle Linux binary RPM packages.

C. It contains Oracle Linux errata packages.

D. It contains Oracle Linux source RPM packages.

E. It contains beta Oracle Linux software packages.

F. It does not contain Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel packages.

Answer: B,C,D,F

Which two statements are true concerning the installation and configuration of the bootloader by the

Anaconda installer, which is then used to boot Oracle Linux?

A. The Linux Loader (LILO) bootloader may be chosen for installation.

B. The bootloader must be password protected and Anaconda prompts for a password in all cases.

C. The Grand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) is the only bootloader used by Oracle Linux.

D. If previously installed operating systems are found on disk partitions that were not overwritten, then an

attempt is made to configure the bootloader to be able to boot them.

E. The bootloader is installed by default in the first partition of the disk.

Answer: A,E

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