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Only Certpark can guarantee you 100% success. Certpark allows you to have a bright future. And allows you to work in the field of information technology with high efficiency.Now IT industry is more and more competitive. Passing Cisco 400-201 exam certification can effectively help you entrench yourself and enhance your status in this competitive IT area. In our Certpark you can get the related CCIE Service Provider 400-201 certification test pdf. 

Share some CCIE 400-201 exam questions and answers below.
Which option is the benefit of per-link LFA over per-prefix LFA?

A. It has a greater applicability

B. It provides greater protection coverage

C. It is simpler

D. It enables better bandwidth utilization

Answer: C

Which two options are characteristics of MoFRR? (Choose two)

A. Uses additional PIM join toward source

B. Based on multicast forward error correction feature

C. Based on PIM Fast Route

D. Requires MPLS TE FRR enabled with link protection and node protection

E. Utilizes two equal-cost paths toward source

Answer: A, E

An operator engineer notices that even through the BGP next-hop tracking feature is enabled in case of a PE failure, the network convergence is still slow.

Which configuration provides a faster convergence time in case a PE fails in this MPLS network?





Answer: D

Which three IS-IS TLVs floods the MPLS TE resource allocation information through the network?

(Choose three)

A. Traffic engineering router ID

B. Extended IP reachability

C. IS TE reachability


E. Extended IS reachability

F. Opaque

Answer: A, B, E

REP has been deployed in a segment. A network operations engineer notices that a segment port does not become operational.

What is the root cause of this issue?

A. A neighbor is using a different port ID

B. A local port is in alternate port state

C. A neighbor port is in blocked state

D. More than one neighbor has the same segment ID

Answer: D

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