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Share some CCNP Security 300-209 exam questions and answers below.
Which DAP endpoint attribute checks for the matching MAC address of a client machine?

A. device

B. process

C. antispyware


Answer: A

Which two statements comparing ECC and RSA are true? (Choose two.)

A. ECC can have the same security as RSA but with a shorter key size.

B. ECC lags in performance when compared with RSA.

C. Key generation in ECC is slower and less CPU intensive.

D. ECC cannot have the same security as RSA, even with an increased key size.

E. Key generation in ECC is faster and less CPU intensive.

Answer: A, E

Which command identifies an AnyConnect profile that was uploaded to the router flash?

A. crypto vpn anyconnect profile SSL_profile flash:simos-profile.xml

B. svc import profile SSL_profile flash:simos-profile.xml

C. anyconnect profile SSL_profile flash:simos-profile.xml

D. webvpn import profile SSL_profile flash:simos-profile.xml

Answer: A

Which alogrithm is an example of asymmetric encryption?

A. RC4




Answer: C

Which equation describes an elliptic curve?

A. y3 = x3 + ax + b

B. x3 = y2 + ab + x

C. y4 = x2 + ax + b

D. y2 = x3 + ax + b

E. y2 = x2 + ax + b2

Answer: D

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