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Share some Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) VCS-276 exam questions and answers below.
An administrator is attempting to configure a new backup policy using synthetic backups. When creating a new full backup schedule, the Synthetic backup option is unable to be selected. What must the administrator do to the policy to make the Synthetic backup option available for selection?

A.create a differential or cumulative incremental backup schedule

D.select a backup destination that supports synthetic backups

C.enable Collect true image restore information with move detection

D.create a full backup schedule with Accelerator forced rescan enabled

Answer: A

Backup images that reside In an MSDP storage pool have been manually expired using bpexpdate. Which step must fin administrator perform to manually free the associated space in the storage pool?

A. run image cleanup on the media server that hosts the MSDP storage server

B. run an inventory on the MSDP storage pool

C. run content router queue processing on media server that hosts the MSDP storage server

D. fun content router queue processing on the master server

Answer: C

A Windows policy protects over 100 servers using the directive ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES. The backup window for this policy is a two-hour window that is unused by any other policy. When the jobs run, the overall performance of the disk storage unit is degraded. Which setting should the administrator modify to reduce the number of concurrent streams writing to the disk storage unit to 10 during the backup window?

A. enable the “Maximum Data streams” property

B. enable the “Limit Jobs per policy” attribute

C. set the “Maximum jobs per client” host property to 10

D. enable multiplexing for the storage unit and set the value to 10

Answer: B

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